Jumping into the deep end & activewear review!

Hey loves, how are you today!

I have some news and a little gym leggings review coming up for ya!

So, if you didn’t know on my Facebook or Instagram… I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR RACE FOR LIFE 5K 2020! Like yes, I know you’re surprised as just as I am with myself! Also, I’ve planned another 5K & 10K later in the years for a few charities! Like Bipolar UK (As I have Bipolar) & British Heart Foundation! (Dad had life-saving heart surgery) Like damn, Shan are you ok?! Throwing myself in the deep end over here.

My mum died of Bowel cancer when she was 37. Cancer ruined our family. So, I want to help raise money for new cancer research and treatments. 

As you know the only health conditions I have are Bipolar disorder type 1 mixed episode & Anxiety and Psychosis and possibilities of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but we are waiting for tests for that, I had a hole in my heart when I about 2 years old and luckily it healed by itself. But my Dad, had a quadruple heart bypass this time last year. 

I wanted to have one goal this year and next year, to work on myself and to help other people. I can’t plan things as my brain and body just don’t agree with plans, as you know my illness is so unpredictable. One day I can be happy and energetic then other days I can be sad and exhausted.

So this is my goal. I will get there and smash the 5K mark and my recovery journey!

Training wise, it’s not going to be planned because my brain just doesn’t work with plans and my brain tries to convince myself that I’m a waste of space so I’m taking one day at a time.

Just giving page – I’m joining thousands of people across the UK and taking part in Race for Life 2020. Please sponsor me to help more mums, dads, grandparents, siblings and children survive in the fight against cancer.

Shannon’s race for life

Now I have a lot of leggings for everyday use, workouts, hospital visits, runs and the gym. I thought it would be fun and would save you some pennies if you are into bargains like me.. To review activewear and beauty or food on here.


A little review of the gym leggings what I found inside my wardrobe. They are ASOS 4505 Curve running leggings with tie waist! I like them a lot but note to self don’t order a bigger size of leggings than you actually are cause you’ll end up looking like Simon Cowell love child and your leggings can reach up to your boobs! (Not a pretty image!

But they are nice, I love the material and they are very comfy. So, I would wear them again! 

The only negative thing I found was the zip pocket at the back of the leggings. I thought it was a bit pointless and it is so small but that is my honest opinion. 

They aren’t 100% squat proof but they are decent for running & cardio and everyday use! 

Brand – @asos curve

Colour – Oxblood

Price – £10.50

Size – Extra Large as I like baggy leggings! 

Here are a few pictures of the leggings. I will be getting a long mirror soon for so I can take outfit shots for the blog and gram! 

Thank you for reading! 


Love, Shan x 


I have a PR friendly blog and more than happy to collaborate with brands subject to the topics of my blog posts or PR in general, so feel free to contact me at the email address below!

All my views shared on my blog are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Wanna chat? Visit my social media accounts! 

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