Shannon Diana

21, UK Based Blogger.

A little break won’t hurt

Picture this.. 4am on a cold Friday morning… Suddenly woke up like a rabbit in a headlights reaction.. This idea popped into my brain. “I want to start my blog up again”  After 6 months break from the whole blogging lifestyle and community mainly because I wasn’t well and I needed the break due to personal reasons. 

So, let me update you what has been going on. 

Mental Health- 

What’s new? Nothing really. Still waiting for treatment options. But you know the waiting game if you are from the UK. I am still alive. I am taking medication for my bipolar disorder & social anxiety. Currently, I am still in the mixed episode state but I am improving slowly and steady. The bad days happen but the good days I cherish the most.


I joined a gym five months ago, I am proud to say.. I AM STILL AT THE GYM! The gym has become my outlet when I am feeling pants. If I’m feeling angry, I go to the gym and lift weights. 

Also, I am now learning and training to become a personal trainer. I want to help people with mental and physical conditions to stay safe and be active. I want to help people. That’s my main aim in life. I do not want to hear what has happened to me done to anyone else. 

I want to also train as a pole fitness instructor in my life. 

So yeah.. 

A little break doesn’t hurt. I’m not going to promise you that I’ll be blogging every week. But I’ll honest with you. I’ve missed blogging. I have missed this. So, I will see you again.

I have a PR friendly blog and more than happy to collaborate with brands, so feel free to contact me at the email address below!

All my views shared on my blog are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Wanna chat? Visit my social media accounts! 

Instagram- @ShannonDianaxx

                                                    Fitness Instagram- @SDFITUK

Twitter- @SDianaax

With lots of love x 

Shannon Diana xx 






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