Ditching Fizzy drinks for H20

Hello, my fabulous readers, 

Before we see all the new year resolutions and that sorta stuff and feeling guilty for not finishing them at the end of January I thought I’d do a little one before the end of the year which is simple for me and you as it’s not moving mountains.. It’s just ditching fizzy drinks for 2 months to see what happens to me mentally, physically and financially!

Water is an essential component of our body and it is a vital role to maintain our body and organs. Our body contains around 50-75% of water. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Fizzy Drinks

Hand on heart. I need to up my water intake as there are so many benefits of drinking water. Water is a cheap and healthy choice when you need a drink on the go. Also, you can put a slice of lemon in the bottle or fruit infused water which can be so refreshing and tasty. 

Benefits of drinking water 

  1. It cushions our brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. 

  2. It boosts performance during exercise. 
  3. It prevents kidney damage. 
  4. It lubricates our joints. 
  5. It boosts our skin health and beauty. 
  6. It regulates our body temperature. 
  7. It flushes our body waste. 
  8. It helps maintain our blood pressure. 
  9. Our airways need it. 
  10. It helps if you are losing weight. 
  11. Also if you drink alcohol and you drink water after drinking booze it can reduce hangovers.   

I got myself this cute little water tracker bottle from Morrisons for £4.00! 

I am going to update you on the blog after the 2 months so I can tell you what has happened to me and if it has helped me mentally and physically from ditching all those sugary fizzy drinks!  

I’ve also downloaded a water tracker on my phone and a template for my Instagram. So, I can document how much water I drink in these 2 months and keep you informed! 

Will you taking part of ditching fizzy drinks in the new year? Please let me know in the comments! 

See you later! x 

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