Body Modifications

Hey, welcome to my new page! 

All about body modifications such as body piercing and tattoos.

Body Modification: Any method of permanently adorning the body, including tattooing and piercing. 

I have my piercings done at @underground piercing studio by Vicki! She is amazing! Her Instagram page is called @holelottalovebodypiercing

I have my tattoos done at @underground tattoo studio! Check them out! They are ace! 

This page is dedicated to my latest piercings and tattoos posts! 


  1. Piercings to-do list 
{Image description- In this picture, Shannon is holding up her hair so she can take a picture. The piercings what are in her left ear were: a stud in her ear lobe, a ring for her tragus piercing and a bar for her helix}


  1.  Tattoos to-do list
{Image description- In this picture, Shannon has had her arm tattooed. Her tattoos are the Joker and Harley Quinn out of the movie Suicide Squad. These tattoos were done at UG by Lukas}