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If it isn’t my mental health playing up it’s my physical health!

Hey all, how are you doing on this Sunday afternoon? I’m feeling pretty shit physically. Mentally I’m feeling a tad bit better even if it feels like my body and mind are fighting with each other.  Nothing mental health related for a change. My mental illnesses are at a point where they haven’t declined or improved. They

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I met Ricky Otto & He’s inspired me.

So, Friday night I went to a special event that was hosted by ST. Thomas Church. It was a night with Ricky Otto… He inspired me so much. Yeah, I’ve had a bit of a shitty past. But it’s the future. I want to campaign for better awareness of mental health around my community and

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Paroxetine & Quetiapine!

So.. Hello Everyone! I wanted to tell my new readers a bit about me. I have been battling a long fight since I was 9/10. I’ve been battling with my mental health. It just has to be invisible, doesn’t it? Just my luck… Well, I’ll let you into the knowledge of my little ugly sisters.

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Shannon Diana- Mental Health Version

Hey Folks.. How are you today? (You better not be lying to me..) It’s my 21st birthday in 3 days!! So.. I wanted to tell my new readers a bit about me. I have been battling a long fight since I was 9/10. I’ve been battling with my mental health. It just has to be

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Rant time.

Nahhh I’m pretty reasonable and I’m quite relaxed person, but treating me like I’m my illnesses is just damn right rude. You want me but you don’t want my illnesses huh? I’m sorry but it took me how long to get my confidence back and in reality I’ve battled through some shit I could never

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Invisible illnesses came to fight

Trigger Warning⚠️ – Suicidal,self harming thoughts.. As it’s #invisibleillnessesawarenessweek I decided to be open with my MH. I don’t want to upset anyone but I’m raising awareness. I’ve been triggered by a lot of factors in my daily life. Mainly pressure to please every damn person and i didn’t even look after myself. I tired

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Trigger Warning – Talk of suicidal thoughts . 


Hey everyone, How are you feeling? I hope you are all okay. Today I’m back with another daily thought log. Today daily log is somewhat positive. Last week one was pretty hard-hitting but I wanted to show everyone and raise awareness for BPD and other mental illnesses. If you want to read it, it is

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World Suicide Prevention

Yesterday was #WorldSuicidePreventionDay,  A chance to start a conversation and #StopStigma what is attached to the subject of suicide. We can be a helping hand. You are not alone.  So, I’ll start it off..  I’m Shannon, I’m 20 years old. I’m a suicide survivor. I’m not ashamed of that.  So yeah.. I’m Shannon. I’m nothing special.

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9 Months Substance Abuse Free!

 Hello everyone! I just want to share you this milestone! I AM NINE MONTHS FREE FROM SUBSTANCE ABUSE ON THE 29TH OF AUGUST 2018. (I know this is being uploaded on the 2nd of September!) 3 months until a year.  I used substances to hide my thoughts and feelings when I was on my own.

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