Tattoos to-do list

Hello, my fabulous readers! 

As you’ve seen my Piercings To-Do List  post, I wanted to do a tattoos to-do list. So i thought why not write about the tattoos I want in my lifetime.

So here goes! 

Here is the tattoo pain scale. But everyone pain tolerance is different.

{Image description- Picture of a tattoo pain scale} 

Tattoos what need to be finished:

  • Finish both of my arm sleeves. 
  • Finish my underboob tattoos by adding a small little rose in between. 

Tattoo ideas what I will be getting in the future : 

  • My back. 
  • My shoulders. 
  • Back of my neck. 
  • My thighs. 
  • My feet. 
  • My legs.
  • Ears. 

Tattoo ideas what need to be considered in the future: 

  • Nipples. (Yes, they are going to be so painful, I know! That’s why I’m thinking about that one!) 
  • Front of my neck. 
  • Hands. 
  • Fingers.
  • Any face tattoos. 
  • Toes. 
  • Stomach. 

Are you into tattoos? Do you have tattoos?! I would love to know! 

See you later x 

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