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Sorry Everyone.

Hey everyone. I'm having a shit time at the moment. That's why I haven't done a post for today as mentally I'm broken. I've been lied too. I've been hurt. I miss my mum. The most recent post has triggered me a bit. This is my daily notebook and I want to vent on how… Continue reading Sorry Everyone.

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Relationships the do’s and dont’s

Hey all,  It's your girl, Shannon!  Disclaimer- This post is all about relationships what are in the early stages and the honey moon period. I did a post this week on friendships the do's and don'ts.  The link is here Friendships the do’s and don’ts…  Please check it out!  I wanted to do this post about… Continue reading Relationships the do’s and dont’s

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Suicide: The Silent Killer

Trigger Warning- This post contains self harm and suicide if you are currently going through anything bad or if this will make your mental health to decline. Please do not read this post. Thank You. If you need any support, please get in contact with myself or Samaritans.  Suicide- Suicide is complex. It usually occurs gradually,… Continue reading Suicide: The Silent Killer