What’s in my gym bag?

Hello, my fabulous readers!

How are you doing?! The weekend is in sight woo! As you already know that I am a very keen gym enthusiast and I love going to the gym! It helps me mentally and physically when I am having a bad time!

I have different things in my gym bag depending on what I am training.

So here is my gym essentials what I love and what I use on the regular.


Gym towel

This is the most boring thing but it is handy if you wanted to put these on the seats of the machines so it saves from different peoples sweat because I do that! As I don’t want to touch other people sweat as that is grim! I also have another towel in my gym bag for after post-workout to wash the face to get rid of sweat. I like to do that because it helps my face to protect it from spots! I also have a shower after so yeah towels are the best essential.



Headphones are a saviour to any workouts. I have tried going to the gym without headphones and I can tell you now I could not focus! Also if you have anxiety or bad thoughts like myself and it is flaring up very badly. I use them and they work! I bring my two headphones with me. I have air pods which are Bluetooth connected and I have my wired headphones always in my bag just in case I forget to charge my airpods.

Phone & Apple Watch & Camera 

I watch workout videos to use as it helps when I need inspiration. I use my stopwatch when I am doing circuits. I also film some content on my camera for upcoming posts and instagram content. I also use my phone for my playlists. I either have lifting or a cardio playlist to get me pumped and ready to smash a gym session! I have an apple watch tracker to track how many calories I burn when I am lifting or doing cardio training! It is also very handy for when I go to sleep it tracks how many hours I sleep! Also, I can answer texts while I am training on my watch so I don’t need to use my phone and get distracted.

Deodorant & Roll-on Antiperspirant 


Well, I love smelling nice anywhere and especially the gym. While I am working out is a must too! Due to sweat! I have a shower after my gym sessions so I use my deodorant and roll-on antiperspirant after my shower so I can smell nice after my gym session! 

Long & Short resistance bands 


Resistance bands are a must! I use them when I am training my legs and glutes. I use the long bands when I am doing branded assisted pull-ups as it helps me! I use them for my upper body too and sometimes lower body! I recommend using resistance bands for when you are working out. 

Water Bottle 


It’s essential to bring a water bottle to the gym as its allowing you to keep hydrated during your workout. It is recommended to drink around 2 litres. Water is very important for our brains and bodies to help us survive and not to be dehydrated.  

Cable Straps & Barbell Pad 

Right now.. My barbell pad kind of looks like a giant tampon but know it does not go near your bits! I use a barbell pad to help me when I am doing hips thrusts as our pelvic area is so easy to bruise! I tried to do a hip thrust without anything protecting me and damn it hurt! Sometimes when I use it when I am squatting with a barbell. 

Cable straps are for when I am using the cable machine for booty days! Trust me, doing cable kickbacks help grow that booty! 

Training Log 

Training Logs

I do not bring all 4 training logs but I wanted to show the different kinda training logs you could get with your money! I currently take the pink one with me when I smashed a new personal best or to keep track of how much weight I am lifting. Sometimes I do it old school and write my workout out on the paper but normally I write it in my notes section on my phone! 

Lip Balms & Hairbands

These are very small things to pack in my gym bag but they are the most used. Hair bands are to tie my hair up before my workout. So, I don’t have hair flying around when I am doing star jumps or box jumps. I pack lip balms in my bag because sometimes my lips are not moisturised when I am working out due to sweat. 

Lifting gloves & Liquid Chalk

When I am lifting weights I wear gloves and I sometimes use chalk as it helps my grip when I am holding the bar. So these are my favourite things when I am lifting!



I wear two kinds of trainers when I am training. I wear flat shoes for leg day such as vans or converse when I am lifting as its the closest to the floor if I wear a pair of shoes with a cushioned soles it is not recommended. I wear my trainers such as Nikes or Adidas when I am training other any part of the muscle group. 

What do you pack in your gym bag? 

I would love to know!  

Comment below! 

See you later x 

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