What is bipolar disorder?

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I want to write a mental health post today as when I started this blog back in late 2017 early 2018 it was all about mental health as it is very important that we talk about our feelings rather than keeping our emotions to ourselves. I have bipolar disorder. I want to share awareness of this illness. As it’s invisible and chronic to individuals who don’t have this illness. 

How I manage my bipolar, I have medication which is called quetiapine which is an antipsychotic and paroxetine which is an antidepressant. I also go to the gym when I mentally & physically can.  

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar is a mental illness that affects your mood and energy. You will likely experience a high episode (manic) or a low episode (depressive) sometimes you experience a psychotic episode.

Mania – A severe form that lasts for a longer period. May last a week or two. 

Hypomania – A milder version of maina that lasts for a short period of days. 

Depression – Persistent sadness and loss of interest. It is different from normal mood changes. 

Symptoms of maina & hypomania – 

How you might feel – (Some of the symptoms I have experienced)

  • Sociable 
  • Racing thoughts 
  • Restless 
  • Heightened senses
  • High self-esteem
  • Creative 

How you might behave – (Some of the symptoms I have experienced) 

  • Risky behaviours 
  • Talkative
  • Hard to stay still and concentrate
  • Impulsive decisions 
  • Not sleeping 
  • More energy than usual 

Symptoms of depression 

How you might feel – (Some of the symptoms I have experienced) 

  • Not being interested in life or hobbies
  • Suicidal 
  • Low confidence and lacking self-esteem
  • Tired and sluggish
  • Tearful or upset
  • Agitated 

How you might behave – (Some of the symptoms I have experienced) 

  • Being withdrawn or avoiding people 
  • Self-harming or attempting suicide
  • Being less active than usual
  • Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much 
  • Misusing drugs or alcohol 
  • Not doing things you normally enjoy 

The next mental health post will be all about the types of bipolar! I want to break it down so I can raise awareness properly! 


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