My Workout Routine

Hello, my fabulous readers,

First time when I stepped into the gym I was anxious and was like shit, I won’t be able to work the machines or people will stare at me. The weights area scared the hell out of me. I was a cardio junkie. I never touched weights as they scared me in case I would mess up or drop them.

But now, 8 months in I love the gym and it has helped my mental health. I made friends who are like family to me. I also go into the weights area! My best advice is when you are going to the gym is to make sure you have some sort of plan as it helps you get used to the machines or weights. Ask for help from the staff, I can promise they won’t judge you as everyone has to start somewhere.

I didn’t have a workout routine, because I didn’t know what I wanted from the gym. But now, 8 months in I decided I want to gain muscles and get toned as well. I have been using this app called Shreddy which I love as it’s my own custom-made plan on my phone which is easy and good for storage as I don’t need space in my gym bag.

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It’s a 12-week plan.  It matches how many times you go to the gym with the workouts. I use to go 4 times a week but due to my illness and being poorly I go 2/3 times a week. I do my strength training first before doing cardio. So I can gain strength and improve my cardio!  

On the app, it has a warm-up and a finisher exercise so you can warm up safely and cool down properly so you reduce your risk of injuring yourself.  

Monday is push day

Push day means that you are training your upper body by pushing your muscles. You could be training your chest, shoulders and triceps. 

Example – Chest press or shoulder press! 

Tuesday is pull day 

Pull day means that you are training your upper body by pulling your muscles. You could be training your back or biceps. 

Example –  Banded pull ups or bent over row! 

Wednesday is leg day 

Leg day means that you are training your entire lower body. You could be training your quads, hamstrings, calves and abdominals. 

Example – Deadlifts or Lunges! 

Thursday is booty day 

Booty day means that you are training your glutes. 

Example – Squats or hip thrusts! 

Friday is full body day 

Full body means that you are training your entire body. By doing exercises of each muscle group. 

Example – Clean and press or leg raises! 

Do you go to the gym? What is your workout routine! Drop your questions below and I will answer them! 

See you later! x 

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